Pricing provides paid stream testing services.

This testing has been specifically developed for online video broadcasters. These tests provide the streaming broadcaster robust analytical information regarding their stream. is designed to help ensure the success of your online broadcast, whether it's a one time live event or a 24/7 stream.

All testing is priced using StreamTest credits:

1 StreamTest Credit = 1 Mbps (Megabit per second) stream for 1 minute

You can use the test credits on any stream for any duration but they will be broken up accordingly.

For example:

You could stream 10 100kbps streams for 60 seconds with 1 test credit.
Conversely testing a 4 mbps stream for 15 seconds would also consume 1 test credit.

Easy Pricing Calculator

Enter number of users, bitrate and duration to calculate total number of StreamTest Credits required:


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